Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran

Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran

We are pleased to introduce to you the newly formed organization Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran. This organization was created through the unification of previously separate organizations. It is the first step in our goal to unite various secular Iranian organizations across the globe which share the objective of seeking a transformation, via a nonviolent movement, of the nation of Iran from the current despotic Islamic state to a state that respects human rights and the civil liberties of its citizens.

In every democratic country the people go to the polls to cast their votes for their representatives. This process is a peaceful show of the respected power of democracy. The Iranian people seek the same process. As evidenced by the Iranian presidential elections in 2009, this respect for democracy has not yet come to pass in Iran. Iranians want to vote in an environment free of fear of intimidation, and with the resolute belief that what they cast into the ballot boxes means something–that it is the will of the people which determines the makeup of the government.

This is not an easy goal, and it will not be an easy victory. But the Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran believes wholeheartedly that we can achieve our goals. The Iranian diaspora is primed to rally around an organization which understands that religion can and should be respected and have its place in society, but that it must be separate from the government, for the efficacy of the nation and the sake of its citizens.

Over the past 35 years, Iranians have demonstrated their desire–their need–for change.

We believe that change in Iran must happen through its people, those who live directly under the rule of the government. But these men and women are our brothers and sisters, and they need the moral and political support of us all–the Iranian diaspora and its non-Iranian friends and supporters. We hope to be the link between Iranians inside and outside of Iran.

USRHR Charter

Adopted in New York City on 02 November 2014

We believe in a non-violent transition from the current authoritarian and religious-based regime to a Republic in Iran that is based on Human Rights. To achieve this, we support all forms of struggles by the People with adherence to civil order and conforming to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

We believe the Constitution of the Islamic Republic is undemocratic, discriminatory and contradicts the UDHR. By accepting the rights of the Nation to choose its future form of government, we demand drafting a Constitution that is based on the principles of the UDHR and its preamble.

We demand an end to any and all forms of discriminations in Iran, be it based on religion, belief, ideology, gender or ethnicity. We support the Equal Rights of every individual under the Law.