United Republicans of Iran- Iran National Front Organizations Abroad- Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran

A joint Statement: Yes to Diplomacy! ! No to Sanction and Pressure !


Iran is facing a widening crisis following the decision made by Trump Administration to exit the nuclear deal.

In his first speech on May 21st, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that the Islamic Republic of Iran accept all of the administrations conditions or else face “the most severe sanctions in history.”

All indications suggest that the Trump administration is preparing for more aggressive economic pressure and full-scale psychological warfare to change the behavior of the Islamic Republic while it is facing critical economical condition.

Today, more than ever, our homeland needs a strong national will to deal with the dangers it faces.180525

The need for such a will is to change the current situation, including the tense foreign policy on the one hand and the removal of the atmosphere of repression, the release of political prisoners, freedom of the speech, the press, freedom of assembly, parties and political and trade organizations on the other, and the creation of a non-tense space for dialogue and free participation of people in determining their own future.

It is clear that creating such a space is unexpected from the rulers who do not tolerate the slightest opposition, while permanently preoccupied with thinking of repressing the people, shutting down the press, blocking mass and social media and harassing the women for not having observed the Islamic dress code.

But the Iranian people have shown they can gradually overcome the rule of religious tyranny and force them to retreat in the face of determined, continuous, peaceful and organized struggles.

We oppose sanctions against the people and the development infrastructure of the country. Furthermore we condemn decisively any military threat against our country. We see efforts to keep things going and to reach a more comprehensive agreement as best possible.

But in the final analysis, it is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s mistakes and bad judgment during the past four decades, the adoption of incoherent and hostile decisions against the USA and Israel, that has facilitated the imposition of sanctions on the country by the West, and now it is also on their responsibility to remove Iran from these harsh sanctions.

May 29, 2018

United Republicans of Iran

Iran National Front Organizations Abroad

Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran