Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran

President Rouhani of the Islamic Republic must be held accountable for dire situation of Human Rights in Iran

151024Mid-September of every year, heads of states of many countries come to New York to attend
the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations. This year is no different!
Among the attendees, will be President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
President Rouhani ran on the premise of better future economic, liberty and human rights for
the Iranian People. Yet, as he is nearing the end of his first term, he has delivered neither.
Corruption among the well-connected is fervent and prosperity for others is non-existent. In
the area of liberty and human rights one can only laugh and at the same time cry at the
“improvement” of them. Executions are at all-time high. Arrest of Iranians with dual
citizenship is frequent. The symbolic leaders of the mass protest to the elections of 2009,
known as the Green Movement, remain under house arrest. Lawyer, Journalists, workers,
students, religious/ethnic minorities as well as other segments of the civil society all have
representative(s) in prison.
Although the real power in IRI remains at the control of one person, namely IRI leader Ayatollah
Khamenei, ultimately as President he is responsible for the events of the country!
Added to the horrific human rights condition of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a newly released
audiotape of Ayatollah Montazeri, then successor to the leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini,
warning of the consequences of the massacre of 1988, where thousands of political prisoners,
many already serving their prison sentence, were brutally murdered during a 2 month period.
Although the true number is unknown, Amnesty International was able to gather some 4,400
numbers who “disappeared”.
Among those responsible for the massacre, is one religious figure named Mostafa
Pourmohammadi who is the Minister of Justice in President Rouhani’s Administration. A tragic
Comedy! For many years prior to the release of the Audio clip, he denied any such event or his
involvement, but now proudly defends and justifies his role in that massacre.
President Rouhani will speak in front of international audience most likely on the dire situation
of world affairs. One thing he will neglect to say is the dismal condition of Iranian affairs!
The Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran demands the following:
 UN must organize a fact finding mission to investigate the full scope of this tragedy!
 All those involved in the atrocities of 1988, must be removed from official posts. They
must be held accountable but unlike the victims of the 1988 crime must have lawyer
and be tried in an independent court monitored by International monitors.
 The victims must be identified, located and their families be allowed to bury them in a
humane fashion.
International Relations Committee
Union for Secular Republic and Human Rights in Iran
September 11, 2016