Let’s speak up against those who trample Human Rights in Iran

Union for Secular Republic & Human Rights in Iran

Let’s speak up against
those who trample Human Rights in Iran

December 1, 2014
On the 66th anniversary of adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are disappointed to inform the public of deteriorating condition of human rights in our home country and the trend in prosecution, increase in execution and trampling of basic rights of various sectors of Iranian population as quite troubling.
As in the last 35 years, the extent of Iranian regime disregard for respecting human right has been intensified recently. Use of barbaric and punitive measures such as pouring acid on Iranian women in public sphere, pressure on religious, ethnic and LGBT minorities and other draconian measures being instituted by the parliament and approved by the supreme leader has put Iran on top of the list of countries violating universal human rights.
Despite these fact, that Iranian regime has been warned and condemned numerously for its continued disregard to its obligation towards it peoples as mandated by United Nation charters.
These violations are being carried out under the auspices and directives of Iran’s legal system being influenced by Islamic Sharia law, which has created many obstacles for Iranian citizens including women, journalists and civic activists who are threatened by harassment, arrest, long sentences and in times executions.
We are especially concerned on the faith of Soheil Arabi, a blogger, who has been sentenced to death for insulting the prophet Mohammed.
Last month, in the meeting of UN Human Right Commission in Vienna, Austria, Mohammad Javad Laraijani, head of Human Right branch of the Judiciary shamelessly defended Iranian regimes record and mockingly praised regime’s Islamic model; in this regard he defended regime’s infamous use of retributive measures as execution and in repose to questions raised by representatives of 107 countries once again showed that Iranian Judiciary and government headed by president Hassan Rouhani have no plans to make changes and lessen the concerns raised by International community.
In the end, we call on all Human right organizations, international and governmental bodies to help us to protect and expose violations committed by fanatical elements of Iranian regime acting like ISIS and not to allow them to use the pretense of upholding “Islamic Human Right” to further their egregious violations.

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